Cloud Signals enters the ESA BIC Greece incubator

Applications for the inclusion and support of Greek Startups, engaged in the space sector, in the incubator of ESA BIC Greece continue

Cloud Signals is the second Startup to be selected from the incubator of the European Space Agency in Greece (ESA BIC Greece). The Startup integrates satellite telecommunications infrastructure with 5G networks and thus will allow remote areas to have 5G services. They are addressed to 5G vertical markets (ubiquitous coverage, disaster relief, public safety requirements, emergency response, remote sensor connectivity, etc.).

ESA BIC Greece was created during the period when Cloud Signals took its first steps in the business arena trying to network with the satellite industry locally and internationally.”Therefore, the application for incubation was just a one-way process for Cloud Signals which from now on has the privilege of utilizing the ESA BIC Greece network and benefiting from guidance, funding, training and a plethora of other accesses,” said Dr. Christos Papachristos, Managing Partner and Head of Innovation and Development of Cloud Signals.

With the support of the ESA BIC Greece incubator, Cloud Signals aims to achieve business development and development of its services, as well as the promotion of the Startup through the global network of incubators of the European Space Agency.

“The information provided by ESA BIC Greece was very detailed and is very easy to find on the organization’s website. In addition to this, several live sessions were organized to help prospective Startups understand what is needed and in what form. Phone 1-1 calls, information sessions, Masterclasses, including messages and notifications, constitute the information toolkit before the date of submission of the application.”, stated Dr. Papachristos, talking about the preparation and the process of submitting the application to ESA BIC Greece.

The operation of ESA BIC Greece is the result of the programming of the Ministry of Digital Governance for the active participation of Greece in the European Space Strategy. Corallia of the Athena Research Center is responsible for the operation of ESA BIC Greece and in this context it works closely with ESA to support 25 Greek Startups related to space technologies and services. ESA BIC Greece offers 50,000 euros in cash, technical and business support, training, access to office and infrastructure as well as an extensive network of more than 70 supporters and the right to use the ESA BIC logo.

The next deadline for the submission of applications to the Permanent Open Call of ESA BIC Greece is 21 February 2022. Applications can be submitted by legal entities with registered offices in Greece (not more than 5 years old), and by natural persons, who reside with a work permit within Greece with the obligation to establish a legal entity in the Greek territory.

For the submission of the business plan to become one of the 25 companies that will be supported by the Incubator for Startups in the space sector in Greece, you can find more information in the

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