ÄIKE launches first e-scooters in Europe using renewable energy and with USB-C charging capabilities

Newly founded sustainable e-scooter Startup Äike, launches the first electric scooter designed and assembled entirely in Europe using solely renewable energy. Developed in partnership with leading IoT company, Comodule, their newest model Äike T, is also the only e-scooter to have USB-C charging capabilities.

With e-scooter trials proving immensely popular in the UK and 180,000 people taking over half a million trips in London alone from June 2021 – February 2022, the market for sustainable travel is booming. In its highly anticipated Transport Bill, the UK Government intends to acknowledge this appetite for e-scooters and other low-speed, zero-emission vehicles (LZEV) amongst the public by recognising them in new legislation later this year.

Äike is committed to making e-scooters and zero-emission commuting accessible to everyone by being regionally compliant with all legislation and integrating unrivalled safety, stability and durability into its product range. The company actively seeks materials from responsible local recycled suppliers, ensuring a supply and distribution chain that is as close to the manufacturing facility as possible, free of conflict and fully reliable/traceable while ensuring 92% of the materials used to produce its e-scooters are recyclable.

“Äike is a true passion project of mine as I feel we are filling a huge gap in the micro mobility market. After 7 years in the industry, I find it crazy how the e-bike boom in Europe has brought us to around 5 million e-bikes sold per year with more than 50% made in Europe, whereas with over a million e-scooters being bought annually, virtually no one manufactures in Europe. This has left e-scooters in the background as the vast majority of them are not sustainable, comfortable or safe at all. Äike is here to change that. There obviously is a demand, and we are here to meet that with a sustainable, durable, inclusive, IoT-connected, safe and genuinely best version of what they are looking for. We’re currently still in our launch phase, but we are very well positioned to grow fast as we control the full process in-house from design to production to delivery.”, commented Kristjan Maruste, Co-founder of Comodule and now CEO and Head of Product for Äike.

Äike’s e-scooters are built for all metropolitan streets. The Äike T is weatherproof, durable and can be ridden smoothly over potholes and curbs without compromising on important motor power and speed safety regulations across cities worldwide. On one full charge, the Äike T has a 40km range. When needed to charge again, Äike has made its removable battery compatible with any port using a USB-C laptop charger, which eliminates excess charger waste. While Äike’s e-scooters are designed to be easily transportable indoors, they can be safely left on the street thanks to the IoT-integrated threefold anti-theft GPS lock protection system provided by Comodule.

Äike is paving the way for a new era of micro-mobility by offering a fully connected experience. On top of GPS protection, each e-scooter comes with Comodule’s own IoT device and passport that allows exclusive access to the Äike app and enables remote customer support, instant firmware updates, and e-scooter performance monitoring, offering commuters a unique connected riding experience.

The Äike e-scooter is available for pre-order from July 6th for a 69 euros deposit. Final prices start from 999 euros.

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