hp-recovery the “key” that unlocks the door to your home’s energy optimization

The Necova PC, a startup company that has been selected by the egg (Enter-Grow-Go) program that is funded from Eurobank and Corallia, make a great entrance in the Greek market launching a very innovative product; We are talking about hp-necovery, a solution that contributes to the increase of the electricity production that comes from the installed photovoltaic systems by optimizing their performance. Furthermore, it saves hot water for use or for keeping the house warm.

The product is suitable for homes that already have photovoltaic systems installed on their roofs. According to the Necova PC, the use of hp-necovery is expected to result in, an average annual reduction of residence’s pollutants that approximately will be up to 174 kg CO2, a unit that is equivalent to the planting of 26 trees. Furthermore, the implementation of hp-necovery to a home solar power system that has the capacity of 10 KWp, will yield an annual growth of electricity generation more than 7% and 24 %energy savings for DHW .

The Necova PC, is proving its environmental corporate culture, «aligning» the hp-necovery with the requirements of the energy package “20-20-20” EU, the implementation of which has three “key” objectives to succeed until the year of 2020. All 3 of them are mentioned below:
– Reducing releases of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 20 % compared to 1990.
– The production from renewable sources to 20% of the total energy consumed.
– Improving the energy efficiency of the EU 20%.

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