GIVE&FUND: The Greek crowdfunding platform

How technology can help a new entrepreneur fund his business? In which way the social media can help a NGO to raise money for a purpose?   Questions like these and many more about crowdfunding, have an answer: GIVE & FUND!!

GIVE & FUND, is a new online Greek crowdfunding platform platform, that provides all the tools utilizing social media and it has been designed to help people, budding entrepreneurs, civic groups or NGOs to raise money and furthermore achieve their goals by utilizing the power of communication and social networks.

Leveraging the potential of the technology and social networks, individuals, professionals, NGOs may attract funding and support from a circle of contacts: personal, common acquaintances or  strangers who want to support the idea or project that is presented on the platform.

The founder of GIVE & FUND, John Chatzimpeis said: “The GIVE & FUND was born from a simple idea: the fact that in the era of the economic crisis we are facing, funding sources are extremely limited. Therefore, we decided to created a simple, friendly to use platform where everyone can present their idea and ask for financial support, whether it’s studying or for a business venture or a social action of some club or organization. For this implementation, we receive the contribution of an international team of professionals with experience in the field of marketing, communication and NGOs. Through this platform we provide an alternative and transparent source of funding for all the actions mentioned above, advocating the value of solidarity and creativity supporting. ”

Business opportunities, life projects and initiatives that change our daily routine…
GIVE & FUND gives the opportunity of funding projects in different categories…
Life projects: Important moments of our lives and daily challenges we have to address, as relevant to the education, children , family , travel, sports, etc.
Startups: New business ideas, creative people , new products and applications.
NGOs & charities : Actions relating to NGOs or civil society organizations, actions in a town or a neighborhood.

Each person can create their own project, after he is “Registered” to the platform. Then he becomes a free GIVE & FUND member and he can create and upload a brief presentation of the project that wishes to fund. All that is required (except for an inspired presentation of the idea!) is a PayPal account. The platform is provided in both Greek and English language.

During the presentation of his project or idea, the user can include video, photos, text description, or a combination thereof, to present the best possible way his idea he’s seeking funding for.

After the approval by the management team, the project is published on the project’s web site GIVE & FUND and if someone finds it interesting, then he provides funding surname or anonymously. Moreover, he can share it with his own circle of contacts, acting as an ambassador of the idea or project and making the most of the power of social networking and online community.


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