Generation Y and Global Sustain: Digitalising Sustainability

The strategic partnership between Generation Y and Global Sustain, aimed at highlighting the need for digital transformation and business viability, was at the heart of the ” Digitalising Sustainability ” event held on Wednesday, December 15th.

Generation Y and Global Sustain, wanting to promote the message that digital transformation is as necessary as sustainable development transformation, are entering into a strategic partnership.

The two companies intend to significantly enhance the services offered to the network of companies and non-profit organizations that are members of Global Sustain, especially by incorporating ESG criteria (E-Environmental, S-Social, G-Governance), aiming to improve performance in terms of sustainability .

During the event, Sotiris Syrmakezis, Digital Transformation Advisor, referred to the need for digital transformation of companies, emphasizing that ” companies that will not proceed with digital transformation, will essentially be left out of the market .”

“Through this alliance we intend to offer an upgraded range of services and products to our members, focusing on ESG criteria and data on the one hand and their digital integration, management and communication on the other hand. “Our goal is to reach a wider part of the market, especially that of small and medium-sized enterprises, which are expected to be significantly affected by developments at the regulatory level, but also due to the best market practices and trends that are emerging.”, said Michael Spanos, CEO of Global Sustain.

“Generation Y as a strategic partner of Global Sustain is expected to significantly contribute to the formation of a new experience of network members in order to create a business and social ecosystem where synergies, networking, information and knowledge will be key axes. “Our business move proves in practice that sustainable development can be achieved through beneficial partnerships, which can make a decisive contribution to creating a better future.”, stated Anastasios Spanidis, CEO of Generation Y.

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