Wikifarmer: The innovative marketplace of agricultural production

An emerging startup with greek DNA and international standards, which has evolved over the last 3 years into a “point of reference” worldwide, has brought a real “digital revolution” to the field of agricultural production.

The pioneering idea of Petros Sagkos and Haris Parianos, under the name Wikifarmer, began in Greece in 2018 in order to train farmers in modern agriculture and sustainable development, winning the honorary distinction of the “Wikipedia of the Agricultural Sector” from the UN’s International Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

But the development of the Wikifarmer digital platform was so rapid that it attracted thousands of farmers and over 6.5 million visitors from 237 countries in the first months of its operation.

With this dynamic and following the rapid developments in agricultural production and the demands of agriculture to accelerate the digital transformation, in early 2020 Wikifarmer presented the online platform (marketplace), where every producer can “present” his products and gain digital access to the greek and international market.

The Wikifarmer marketplace is a digital channel for producers and farmers to sell agricultural products directly to thousands of businesses and consumers. With the use of technology, it digitizes wholesale and retail markets, solves basic pathologies of the agricultural products market and enables the producer to sell his product directly on better terms and to more customers, while at the same time offering consumers better quality agricultural products ( fruits, vegetables, honey, herbs, etc.) at affordable prices and with a guarantee of quality and refund.

Especially in Attica, Thessaloniki, Patras and Heraklion, Crete, there is also the possibility of delivering the products at home (on the same day or in 1-3 days) with free shipping. In the wholesale food trade, the store catering service stands out, where professionals, producers and companies deliver directly to businesses (restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, mini markets, etc.) within Greece a total of 4,144 products from 12 different categories with safety, transparency and quality guarantee.

According to Petros Sagkos, the Wikifarmer co-founder, over 20,000 transactions were completed digitally and more than 150,000 product sales were made safely. Today the marketplace works with more than 5,500 farmers, has over 18,000 products from various categories and receives daily customer requests from London and Istanbul to Stockholm and Amsterdam.

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