Eurolife FFH: Quadruple distinction at this year’s Digital Finance Awards

During this year’s Digital Finance Awards, Eurolife FFH managed to excel in four categories, winning the Gold Award in each one. More specifically, the company stood out in the categories Best Use of Technology for Claims, Best Digital Initiative for Life, Best Digital Initiative for Life Products and Best Digital Marketing / Social Media Initiative, proving that it consistently invests in new technologies, aiming to facilitate the life and everyday life of every human being.

The Digital Finance Awards 2022 were presented on Wednesday, February 23, rewarding pioneering projects and innovative initiatives of banks, insurance companies, high-tech providers, fintech and insurtech ecosystems, on their way to Digital Transformation.

Eurolife FFH won the Gold Award in the category “Best Use of Technology for Claims” for the EurolifeConnect portal and the possibilities it offers in the e-Claims of group insurance policies.Available 24 hours a day, the portal is aptly designed to ensure an excellent user experience, providing the user with access to information such as contracts, claims and payment of premiums, instantly and easily. This way, this advanced service ensures Eurolife FFH customers an upgraded and modern service experience.

Accordingly, Eurolife FFH won, together with Sleed, the Gold Award in the following categories: “Best Digital Initiative for Life” for the innovative digital space More Life, a digital ecosystem with rich themes for health, exercise, mental well-being and nutrition, “Best Digital Initiative for Life Products” for My Investment Plan, the investment insurance program that meets the needs of modern people, creating value for a better tomorrow, and “Best Digital Marketing/ Social Media Initiative” for the rebranding of its corporate blog, which gives its readers useful information on how to protect what is of value to themselves and their own people.

Eurolife FFH’s quadruple award at the Digital Finance Awards is an essential recognition of its effort to utilize modern technology, developing services that facilitate the everyday life of the people who trust it. Based on its expertise, the company will continue to create value for them, responding consistently to their aspirations.

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