Collaboration between Thess INTEC and NOESIS on research and innovation

The creation of the fourth generation Thess INTEC technology park will highlight Thessaloniki as an important hub of innovation and development at national and international level, according to the Science Center and Technology Museum NOESIS that “supports the vision and the plans for its implementation.”

In a statement by NOESIS, on the occasion of the visit of Thess INTEC executives to its premises, it is noted, among other things, that “the representatives of the two institutions discussed in detail the ways of cooperation on research and innovation and ways of connection with the business sector.

Particular emphasis was given to the effort to be made by scientific, academic and business bodies for the creation of collaborative schemes, aiming at the promotion and development of applied research, the enhancement, promotion and dissemination of products, “as well as the maturation of incentives and methods of utilizing the skills and abilities of the new generation and the wider social fabric on environmental issues, energy and business consciousness.

The meeting was attended by the president and CEO of Thess INTEC Nikos Efthymiadis and the commercial director Fokion Tzourdas and on behalf of NOESIS the general manager Athanasis Kontonikolaou and the Director of Financial Services Vangelis Afthonidis.

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