Helvia: The most “smart” and advanced solution in the field of HR

Helvia transforms Experience Management, providing complete solutions with digital assistants that attract the interest of customers from all over the world

At a time when everything is evolving at lightning speed, new technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) are creating new requirements for human resources systems (HRMS). Helvia, as one of the leading AI solution providers, leverages AI and offers a comprehensive solution for the needs of employees and HR.

Helvia is a remote-first group of researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs, with an agile culture and decentralized hubs. It was founded in 2018 by Stavros Vassos and Dimitris Balaouras and managed within a short period of time to stand out internationally and become synonymous with innovation, offering advanced Conversational AI solutions in the global market.These solutions focus on three core enterprise functions: Sales, customer support, and human resource management.

Helvia’s main goal is to provide integrated solutions “from A to Z”, combining digital assistants together with ready-made management applications: CRM for customers, Live-chat for support, HRMS for employees.

Helvia has managed to expand its horizons to international markets, as it is already active in the U.S. through significant partnerships. Specifically, it collaborates with a Fortune-500 list company that brings Helvia Chatbricks technology to more than 87 enterprise organizations, but also with one of the largest HR solutions providers with a clientele of over 100,000 SMEs in the U.S.

A new digital world

In recent years, technology has played an increasingly important role in our daily lives. The digital revolution and the restrictive measures due to the pandemic have resulted in new technologies entering the workplace dynamically as well.This has brought many changes to HRMS and the requirements to increase exponentially. Now, more and more corporate processes operate within “work chat” communication systems, such as Microsoft Teams. Also, fast and automatic self-serve service is taken for granted by employees.According to estimates, in the post-pandemic era more than 40% of the world’s workforce is now “without an office”. Consequently, the absolute trend of the time is the “HR system that disappears”. That is, the system that we just talk to it without having to really connect to it. Instead of looking for what interest us between usually multiple and unconnected applications, all we need to do is chat with a chatbot. Thus, the whole process becomes more direct and interactive. For example, in case we want to know how many days off we have, all we have to do is ask the digital assistant. The answer we’ll get might look like this: “You still have 13 days off available for 2022. Would you like to see your history?”

The revelation that is called… Helvia

Helvia listens to the needs of the times and utilizing state-of-the-art technologies provides the most advanced solutions in the field of HR. Specifically, with the help of artificial intelligence and interaction through a digital assistant (chatbot), it offers a complete solution for the needs of every HR employee.The company’s HRwiz digital assistant is a unique “HR wizard“, available within work chat communication systems such as Microsoft Teams. Each employee has the opportunity to talk to it, at any time he needs an information. On the one hand, it acts as an Employee Handbook that converses with the employee, giving quick answers to the most common questions, without the HR team having to waste any time.In this way it ensures the absolute satisfaction of the employees. In addition, with HRwiz, the HRMS disappears. How does this happen? HRwiz is flanked by a lean and easy-to-use HRMS, which has the basic functions an organization needs: Licenses, Time-tracking, Ticketing, Inventory. In this way, the employee can talk with HRwiz about all his needs and it acts as an intermediary to process immediately all his requests and approvals.

HRwiz is the voice of HR, making communication between employees and management much easier and simpler, as it becomes the one and only interactive channel for each employee. In addition to managing requests, it is able to understand the mood of employees every time. It also has the ability to collect information through proven solutions for mood pulse, eNPS, and free-form feedback.

With the power of Analytics

In essence, HRrwiz hands over Analytics into the hands of HR, as it is the right hand of the team. The aggregated data it provides helps to monitor and plan the strategy, while offering an optimal employee experience.

The solutions provided by Helvia are designed to meet the needs of each business as it evolves. In this context, and understanding how valuable time is for a business, Helvia made sure that HRrwiz is ready for small businesses (SMEs) in just 5 minutes. The installation process is particularly easy and can be carried out from the official Microsoft App Store for immediate integration into the Teams work chat.It is also very easy and simple to manage. Without the need to have technical knowledge, thanks to the built-in HRMS and the HRwiz assistant, the proposed solution can be put directly into the service to serve any organization.

HRwiz is also available through Helvia’s Chatbricks XM suite, which offers interfaces with widespread HR software. This enables a customized installation based on the needs of each organization. Following the logic of “no-code”, Chatbricks XM allows employees who do not have programming knowledge to create personalized experiences, creating a competitive advantage.


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