Collaborate Health: The Startup that strengthens the doctor-patient relationship

Late diagnosis and non-compliance of patients with treatments are two major problems that have not yet been effectively addressed in the healthcare industry, leading to thousands of premature deaths each year.

Most new digital applications have yielded mediocre results in these areas, either because they are disconnected from patients’ medical records and history, or because they are based on the false assumption that patients can adopt self-monitoring and self-management behaviors on their own. Collaborate is the only application that provides, for the first time, substantial solutions to the above problems, as the monitoring and gradual activation of patients starts from the file kept by the doctor, while it is led by the doctor and not the patient. At the same time, the doctor-patient relationship is strengthened by modern communication and remote monitoring tools, as well as by advanced machine learning algorithms that help to identify patients at risk.

The platform is available for both private clinics and hospital clinics, while it is primarily addressed to the specialties that manage chronic diseases, such as pathologists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, neurologists and nephrologists, as there is a huge need for better doctor-patient/caregiver communication, more effective cooperation of the treating physicians and more active monitoring of the patient, especially in the interval between visits.

The company was founded in May 2019 by Kostas Saridakis and Yannis Deliyiannis and in less than three years has achieved significant distinctions, such as the distinction in the 10th NBG Business Seeds competition, the 1st place in the European Startups program Meet Pharma 2020 for the management of patients with cardiovascular diseases and the 1st Prize in the entrepreneurship competition Envolve Award Greece 2020. Recently, its participation in the European research program COVID EXPONENTIAL was approved, in the framework of which it develops, in collaboration with Papageorgiou General Hospital, algorithms for the timely prediction of the long covid syndrome that patients may develop.

The platform is already used by hundreds of doctors, while among the first customers are large multinational pharmaceutical companies that wish to contribute to the development of tools that will offer “beyond the pill” value to patients, as well as one of the largest Greek shipping companies that uses the platform to assess the health and manage cardiovascular risk of its seafarers.

The company, which is a member of Elevate Greece, has been funded by Greek angel investors and recently secured its first institutional investment by with the aim of developing products related to the longevity economy and promoting them in the US market.

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