Prosperty: Seed round funding of 3.3 million dollars

The PropTech startup Prosperty, a leader in the digitization of the real estate sector in Greece, announces a Seed round funding of 3.3 million euros ($4million). Participants in past and current funding rounds are Velocity Partners and Metavallon’s technology, having provided pre-seed financing of 1.1 million euros giving the company a vote of confidence, as well the tech VC BigPi, a large family office, and a group of experienced and successful international angel investors all participating in the second round of funding, for a total of invested funds of 4.4 million euros($5.2m).

Prosperty is on a mission to provide a simpler and more transparent property buying experience through digital means. This funding will be directed to the further development of the company in Greece, and expansion in other European countries slated for 2021 and 2022, with investments in human resources, creating a wide network of partners, in technology with new innovative services, in particular in areas such as data analysis, marketing, and sales management, with the aim of making Prosperty the dominant channel for Greek, international individuals and institutional investors in the real estate sector. At the same time, the company is preparing announcements on the application for pre-approval of mortgages through a completely digital process and innovative insurance products, providing increasingly integrated digital services around the real estate market.

It is noted that Prosperty, created by Antonis Markopoulos, Nikos Patsiogiannis, and Antonis Despotakis, has assembled an experienced team of more than 30 people, with offices in Athens and Thessaloniki. Prosperty has concluded agreements with the majority of banks, NPL/REO servicers, and institutional investors offering scalable and efficient management and digital commercialization services for their real estate portfolios and managing to complete dozens of transactions with clients in Greece and abroad.

“In the age of technology and rapid changes, buying or renting a property should be an easy, fast, transparent and safe process for anyone interested in. In this context, the pandemic has accelerated developments, as it highlighted the need to provide digital and remote services in the real estate sector that has fallen far behind technologically for many years. With the new funding we have received, we plan to invest in the expansion of the company’s real estate innovative solutions, the development of an extensive network of partners with very privileged benefits for them, and the continuous provision of new innovative services to our clients, both in Greece and other interesting markets in Europe that follow in the next period.”, stated Antonis Markopoulos, CEO of Prosperty.

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