Deutsche Telekom leads $13.5 mln Series B for Replay Technologies

 Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners (DTCP), which provides early-stage and late-stage venture capital, private equity and strategic advisory services to the technology, media and telecommunication sectors, led a $13.5M Series B investment round in Replay Technologies to support the company’s development of next-generation, multi-dimensional video imaging technologies.

Replay Technologies, whose wholly-owned R&D center is based in Tel-Aviv, has introduced Free Dimensional Video (FreeDTM), which allows viewers to see and experience real-life scenes through immersive camera views from multiple angles. The round brings the total amount raised by Replay Technologies since its inception to $27M.

DTCP’s investment in Replay Technologies underlines the potential growth of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, and supports a service that encourages viewers to ‘jump’ into live events and experience them from any perspective. Replay Technologies’ FreeDTM technology is shaping the way people interact, control and watch live events. Most recently, this vision came to life when Replay partnered with Intel to deliver consumer-controlled, 360-degree instant replays for the NFL during Super Bowl 50 and for the NBA during the All-Star Weekend.

“We met Replay Technologies last year in Israel and experienced first-hand what this technology could mean for the VR space. Through our careful evaluation, it became clear that Replay Technologies’ platform could revolutionize VR for sports and live events,” said Vicente Vento, CEO of DTCP. “DTCP’s investment in Replay Technologies enables a shift in its center of gravity and opens new opportunities for collaboration around the world.”

With the support provided by DTCP, Replay Technologies will be able to uncover opportunities for its technology in Europe and the U.S., and plans to extend into more sporting events and other types of live entertainment.

“We’re excited that DTCP shares our vision in the potential of FreeD. This investment will allow us to move faster than ever to turn our vision for the future of video into reality,” said Oren Yogev, CEO and co-founder of Replay Technologies. “DTCP’s conviction has paved the way for a significant round which will allow us to focus on taking the technology to the next step – mass consumer adoption. The combination of VR gear and our unique content will allow viewers to completely immerse themselves into a sports broadcast alongside – and often in a more immersive way – than those on the ground.”

“DTCP understands that the convergence of communication networks and connected devices has the potential to disrupt unlike anything that has yet to be seen, and is investing at the forefront of this convergence,” added Mr. Vento. “We understand that VR will be a key ingredient in the next wave of mobility and connectivity, and we plan to be right there with it when it happens.”

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