Startup Pathways: The initiative that brings people at the heart of the ecosystem

When we hear about Startups, the minds of most of us automatically go to concepts like business idea, business plan, target market, finance, products and services and then we deal with the driving force behind the journey of Startups: human

Despite the fact that in the field of Startups everything starts and ends from the human factor, until recently there was no organization in the Greek ecosystem that would put at the center the care of people and their added value.

This gap was filled by Startup Pathways which, having identified the need to focus on the human aspect of the ecosystem, launched an organized initiative aimed at developing leadership skills of founders and the people who surround them.

Through its human-centered approach, Startup Pathways also aims to create an extrovert brand for the Greek Startupper, to introduce HR professionals to the ecosystem and to connect it with corporate companies so that they can both benefit in a reciprocal way. The comparative advantage of Startup Pathways, compared to similar initiatives, lies on the one hand in its exclusive focus on people and on the other hand in the high quality of its services according to the standards that one must meet in order to join the team as a coach.

The main program of Startup Pathways is the Leaders Academy, which takes place twice a year. It is a three-month Leadership Skills Academy, with training meetings and personal support of the participants through individual coaching sessions by certified coaches and Executives of Corporate HR.In addition to the Leaders Academy, Startup Pathways implemented, last year, a series of important partnerships against the backdrop of strengthening Startups. Microsoft, Elevate Greece, CollegeLink, Corallia are just some of the partners of Startup Pathways, while already recognized Greek Startups, such as i2d, FlexFin, Workadu, Keyvoto and Clio Muse, have gained great benefits through the collaboration with the innovative initiative, which for the first time it brings the man to the same shot as the idea.

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