Bioiatriki: Pioneering technologies in the greek health market

Bioiatriki Group celebrates 40 years at the top of private Primary Health Care, continuing the vision of founder Evangelos Spanos for high quality and reliable health services, easily accessible to all.

Today, the Group has 56 Diagnostic Centers in Greece and Cyprus, 2 General Clinics, 1 Center for International Patients, 7 Dental Units, while it cooperates with more than 400 private companies, with the largest insurance companies and with all public insurance funds

“In 1981, Evangelos Spanos founded in Ilisia a small, but specialized endocrinology laboratory which within 5 years, evolved into the first multipurpose diagnostic center in Greece.

40 years later, we continue with perseverance, uninterrupted work and daily dedication to provide services that stand out for quality, reliability and safety. We are doing it thanks to our people, and thanks to the millions of citizens who receive our services and who over the years have entrusted us with the most precious things they have, their health.

We continue to invest in new diagnostic tools and high technology, in digital solutions and continuous upgrades, which facilitate access to the services provided and meet the needs of modern Diagnostic Medicine.

Our founder’s vision for quality health services accessible to all has been guiding us for 4 decades, and this will lead us to the future. We turned 40 and we continue, stronger, ready for new challenges! We are here for everyone’s health”, stresses the President and CEO of biomedicine Group, Georgios Ev. Spanos.

Bioiatriki Group, with 3,000 dedicated and experienced employees, implements an ambitious developmental strategic program, which includes new business initiatives and partnerships, as required by the ever-changing environment of the Health and Primary Care sector.

Innovative Services

Among the new initiatives stand out the Center for Preventive Medicine and Longevity, which approaches Prevention with a new philosophy, introducing for the first time in Greece, genetic preventive tests, and Bioiatriki +, the new specialized Nutrition and Ergometric Center, which offers integrated welfare services.

In the fight against the pandemic

From the beginning of the pandemic until today, Bioiatriki Group has developed action against the pandemic in 3 axes: It provides complete and reliable diagnostic tools for the control of the coronavirus and is currently one of the largest Covid-19 control centers in the country, with over 300,000 tests. It supports the State, putting its forces at the disposal of the National Health System (NHS), as well as organizations, institutions and vulnerable groups, with free tests for coronavirus

For Public Health

For the last 4 decades, Bioiatriki Group has been collaborating and assisting in every effort aimed at protecting and safeguarding Public Health.

At the same time, BioiatrikiGroup collaborates with dozens of public bodies at national or self-governing level, medical associations, scientific societies, pharmaceutical companies and non-profit organizations, mainly as a sponsor of free tests in prevention and information campaigns on some of the most common diseases.

During the years of the economic crisis and until today, Bioiatriki – in collaboration with local, scientific and other institutions – actively participates in social solidarity initiatives, providing free diagnostic tests to vulnerable social groups. Hundreds of thousands of citizens have benefited from all the above actions to date.

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