Aegean facilitates the flight for Startuppers and other passengers 

The well-known airline provides a solution to the problem of Startuppers who until recently both themselves and the other passengers could not connect to the internet during a flight

Aegean is taking another big step towards the travel experience and its passengers by providing its flights with a Wi-Fi connection, new digital services and upgraded digital entertainment content.

Focusing on the passenger and the technological possibilities offered by the new fleet of 46 AIRBUS 320 and 321neo aircraft, AEGEAN is upgrading the travel experience, now offering its passengers the opportunity to access the internet during their flight and enjoy entertaining content through its new digital platform.

The new services

As of today, all AEGEAN passengers who will travel on one of the already equipped AIRBUS neo aircraft will be able to browse the internet, manage their emails, access social media and messaging applications, and download video and audio content. As new aircraft are picked up and the fleet gradually equipped, more and more passengers will be able to use the service AEGEAN Wi-Fi onboard.

All passengers will be able to try the service for free for 10 minutes with the “Free 10package” while those who wish to maintain their access to the service throughout the flight, can choose the “Text and surf” package or the “Stream” package for higher speed and additional ability to watch video or listen to audio online. The “Stream” service package will be available free of charge to all Business Class passengers.

Similarly, the “Text & Surf” package will be offered free of charge to the Gold members of the Miles+Bonus program, while similar benefits will be offered in the future to other special categories of passengers. Thus, passengers will be able to stay connected to the internet and at the same time watch through the upgraded entertainment platform, TV series, documentaries, children’s programs, music options and fun games for children and adults.

A partnership that equals investing in the travel experience of the future

For the development of the Wi-Fi onboard service on the European aviation network’s technology platform, which is the leading in-flight broadband internet application in Europe, as it offers unparalleled speeds, uninterrupted coverage and a significantly lower latency than any other similar application in the market, AEGEAN has collaborated with Inmarsat, Deutsche Telekom and Display Interactive. 

“We are very happy to be able today, thanks to AEGEAN Wi-Fi onboard, an investment that shapes the digital future of travel, to provide another high-end service for every passenger. Our investments in modern technological infrastructure and the technological transformation of AEGEAN did not stop being implemented even during the pandemic crisis that hit the industry.

The provision of internet on board is another milestone for us and for our commitment to provide our passengers with a quality and constantly upgraded travel experience. We are very pleased to have worked with Inmarsat, Deutsche Telecom and Display Interactive, all leading technology companies in their industry.”, stated Aegean’s CEO, Dimitris Gerogiannis.

“The technological solution we offer shows significant penetration in the industry and already enjoys the preference of the top of the aviation market in Europe. That’s why we are very pleased that AEGEAN has trusted us and worked with us, as well as with Deutche Telekom, to provide its passengers with a world-class travel experience.”, said Philippe Carette, President of Inmarsat Aviation.

“The European Aviation Network is a technological solution perfectly adapted to Europe’s telecommunications infrastructure. For AEGEAN’s passengers, it offers an unparalleled connectivity experience while flying over the European continent, while for the company it is an extremely smart business move due to its small in size, weight and maintenance requirements, equipment.Thanks to its penetration, EAN will not only provide unrivalled connectivity to AEGEAN’s passengers today, but for many years to come.”, noted Rolf Nafziger, Senior Vice-President of Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier.

For more information, about the AEGEAN Wi-Fi onboard service here

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