Veritas Backup Exec 21.4: Data Security in the most “value for money” backup solution on the market

At a time of rapid digitization of everything, and therefore at the corporate level, the security of business data and the possibility of its recovery play a major role for every business and organization, regardless of the size and industry to which it belongs. Depending of course on the needs, each company has the ability to choose the storage process, the hardware and the space that will save its data, in any form of cloud, in order to have the ultimate backup thanks to veritas software, which is there to “save” its customers.

Veritas Backup Exec is, in addition to being a recognized solution in the global market, the component that every business seeks to protect and enable the complete recovery of critical data, which has either been destroyed due to an error or a system failure or as a result of a cyberattack.Backup Exec essentially has a proactive power, with the main function of recovering data, locating where it has been stored and without requiring much cost or time, offering an affordable, immediate and simplified alternative. This top-of-the-line solution of Veritas thus contributes to the functionality of each company and its operations, setting out a safe data maintenance option and making any possible loss impossible.

The “target group” of a powerful software

The Backup Exec platform focuses on the security of SMEs, to whose standards it has been configured from the outset, which are looking for an effective practical and value for money option on the issue of enhancing data protection.It is an ideal product for organizations that want a single solution, seeking and implementing at the same time a high level of protection, whether they have physical, virtual or mixed IT infrastructure.

In particular, the new version of the platform, Backup Exec 21.4, gives the business the ability to upload data to the cloud in deduplicated format, so that it has increased speed in end-to-end performance, while achieving a dramatic reduction in time, cost and network band-width when using the cloud as storage space for backup.

As for the new Backup Exec 21.4, this greatly improves cloud performance while allowing organizations that take advantage of its application to be updated to the latest version of Windows. In addition, businesses that have the current maintenance can upgrade the new version at no extra cost as part of its privileged use.

A holistic solution for small and large businesses

Another strong point of it is that it focuses on maintaining data protection integrated by being a holistic solution, giving customers the autonomy to choose what to do with backups, as well as where to store it and how to pay.The data then stays secure and available at every stage for backing up to the cloud, protecting the workload within the cloud, recovering from the cloud, or simply connecting to on-prem storage.

Several improvements have now been added to Backup Exec 21.4, including Backup Exec, which is making a big leap in ransomware protection, while Backup Exec (BE) 21.4 continues to enhance capabilities in the Resilience Ransomware, including support for Write Once, Read Many (WORM) backups for Amazon, and DataDomain environments. As for support for WORM (Write Once, Read Many) Immutable Storage, Exec Backup users can now create WORM-enabled backup sets for technologies like DataDomain OpenStorage Technology (OST) Object Lock and Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 Object Lock.

Similarly, VMware Asynchronous Read Performance offers a significant performance improvement in the Backup Exec Agent for VMware infrastructure in terms of backup of virtual machines. Improving speed and updating Backup to Deduplication Storage also means that Backup Exec administrators are now receiving updates when backing up to deduplication storage.

The sophisticated additions also support new cloud storage regions. Specifically, Backup Exec users benefit from cloud storage options through storage support for even more regions around the world in the cloud, allowing for greater flexibility and economy. With a business market and a digital future together on a path of growth, security is increasingly at the heart of the next moves of all the “players” from each venue. Backup Exec, being in a strong position, can act as a dynamic product readily available on the market – either with an open-ended or a long-term license – that will keep data protected, without additional backups, saving time and resources, useful for the successful utilization of data.

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