Flockler: The platform that allows anyone to create the news

Flockler is a software company from Finland at the forefront of platform-agnostic publishing and content marketing.

Flockler platform enables brands and publishers to create, customize and publish social magazines, applications and websites combining editorial, curated and social content. Sites are optimized for all platforms, including iPad and other tablets, mobile and desktop browsers. Flockler not only serves your existing reader base on any available device, but will also be finding new readers everywhere and anywhere driving the growth of reader base and reach.

Flockler platform has been used to create platform-agnostic magazines, apps and websites for clients like Penguin Random House, Thomas Cook Group, News International, Daily Mirror, Econsultancy and many more.  Flockler has also enabled commenting with user-Facebook or Twitter accounts too, so the interface is easily accessible.

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