Running a startup from Turkey? Pitch Turkish Airlines’ business class passengers

Well here is another strange idea, that proves once more the dynamic entrance and development of the startup companies in the worldwide market.

We are talking about the new “Invest On Board” platform that projects pitch videos for startups on in-seat business class televisions!

That idea was warmly welcomed by the Turkish Airlines that wanted to promote the country’s tech industry. And they made it, investing in this platform that streams pitch videos from startups to in-seat televisions for business class passengers. The videos are short, they run under two minutes and they advertise mostly Turkey-based startups.  Participating startups include home accessories e-commerce site Dekoreko, commerce platform Ganipara, and dating  service Pembe Panjur.

As for the launch date for the in-flight startup pitch project, it’s coming shortly but the final date is still unknown!

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