Getlife raised 6 million euros

The company had previously raised 1 million euros in pre-seed round

The Madrid-based Startup raised 6 million euros in seed funding to facilitate the access to life insurance products in Europe, since no medical exams needed to subscribe to Getlife.

The French VC firm Singular led the round, while business angels also participated, such as Gokul Dhringa and Chris Adelsbach.

Getlife’s customers answer a long list of questions so that the company can learn more about them and then the company matches them with the right insurance product, in a personalized way matching their needs separately.

“Life insurance is difficult nowadays since many legacy insurance companies simply refuse to insure some new clients, maybe because they don’t fit the bill and the insurance company doesn’t want to cover them.We accept 85% of clients immediately.”, said Getlife co-founder and CEO Guillermo Alén.

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