Slamcore raised 16 million dollars to develop robotic systems

Slamcore secured 16 million dollars in capital from the first round of funding under the guidance of ROBO Global Ventures and Presidio Ventures. The round also included Samsung Ventures, Toyota Ventures and Yamato Holdings, as well as Amadeus Capital, Global Brain, IP Group, MMC and Octopus.

Slamcore has developed technologies that can be developed across a wide range of robotic systems, from vacuum cleaners to the most advanced autonomous systems developed in warehouses throughout the U.S. Its algorithms are used to help robots identify the space in which they navigate. The company also cites a keyword – noting that these systems can be implemented to find out how one can move in the metaverse.

“For too long, robots have not been able to navigate physical spaces with the level of accuracy and efficiency that we know is possible. In the coming years both companies and consumers will have access to its automated products and robots, SLAMcore is determined to ensure that as many designers as possible have access to the algorithms needed to optimize their products,” said the founder and CEO Owen Nicholson.

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