Seaya Ventures “bets” 300 million dollars in sustainability

The Madrid-based venture capital fund has launched a new fund with a focus on sustainability

Under the name Seaya Andromeda, the fund of the Seaya company has already raised 130 million euros in cooperation with the Spanish energy company Iberdrola, the Spanish government-funded fund ICO Subsequent Tech and Nortia Capital. The main thrust of the investment initiative is sustainability, with the aim of bringing Seaya Andromeda’s available amount close to 300 million euros.The fund will invest in companies driven by the application of green technologies, the circular economy, agrotechnology and the sustainable food value chain.

The fund will follow VC’s strategy of investing in mission-driven founders in southern Europe. Seaya Andromeda will also build on its previous Success Stories with Unicorns such as Wallbox, Glovo and Cabify.
Seaya Ventures founder Beatriz González said: “Seaya Ventures is one of the largest investment funds that have been created: “Innovation and technology are essential for sustainable economic growth.With Seaya Andromeda we want to support the founders who are committed to this mission. We are honored and excited to have the support of Nortia, Iberdrola and Fond-ICO Next Tech in the creation of the first South European fund dedicated to sustainable technology.”

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