MWC22: VR, AR, 5G and new hitech gadgets at the forefront

The sectors that continue to attract the attention and the products that were presented just before they were released in the market were seen up close along with the Greek mission by people of the field

The largest technology exhibition continues with presentations concerning AR and VR. Trends include the metaverse as well as 5G that employs the corporate and not only world, with Startups leading the way in the field of creation and expertise needed to conquer and attract the rest of the market.

Themes and trends

This year’s MWC will judge the products, the patents and generally what will prevail in the future, highlighting beyond the trends the technology companies that will make them a reality, raising levels. One of the themes is closer to VR with an interest in edtech, specifically educational technology and thus the exploitation of virtual reality in classrooms amid conditions of necessary e-learning.

Government representatives and key players in the field of technology, among them Mr. George Stephanopoulos (Director of the Greek Mobile Operators Association – EEKT), Leonidas Christopoulos (SG of the Ministry of Digital Governance) and Panos Alexandris (SG of the Ministry of Justice), Aristidis Paraskevopoulos, Head of Mobiles in Greece and Cyprus for Samsung Electronics, which is a constant sponsor of the event, continue to be present at the event.

There has been increased interest about the forty-plus members of the Greek mission, during the second day of the Mobile World Congress 2022 in Barcelona, Spain. According to information from on the second day there was more mobility in terms of businesses representing Greece at the number one global technology event. More specifically, on the second day of the MWC22, the companies of the Greek mission had the opportunity, through meetings and general contacts, to present innovative solutions, products and services, catching the eye of investors, business representatives and more than 60,000 visitors who wanted to get to know the top trends of the international tech industry.The recognition from abroad was also significant, with journalists, companies, participants and representatives of organizations being particularly pleased with both the presence and the progress made by the entire Greek ecosystem.

Although the second day was a complete success for the Greek delegation, which certified the growing dynamics of the domestic ecosystem, the need for step-up was also felt both in terms of organization and in the number of members that make up the Greek mission. The president of SEKEE, George Markatos, stressed, among other things, that “it is everyone’s responsibility to exploit the potential of the Greek ecosystem, while all actors should strengthen the effort of the tech companies, with the state taking on a leading role.” As far as the companies are concerned, according to the president of SEKEE, they should increase their participation in events of the Mobile World Congress in order for the Greek mission to grow and reap the great benefits.

In the organizational part, on the second day of this year’s MWC, the need for a larger stand became apparent in order to facilitate the work of Greek businesses as well as the conclusion of synergies and partnerships with large companies abroad.

The new hitech products

Honor presented smartphones that incorporate, among other things, all the latest technological innovations and turn them into high-end professional cameras, which at the same time have the ability to simultaneously shoot cinematic videos.

Exhibiting the Honor Magic4 Series of smart phones (consisting of HONOR Magic4 and HONOR Magic4 Pro) it was announced among other things that HONOR Magic4 Pro is based on an algorithm developed by the company’s research and development department. HONOR Magic4 Pro can take images of really high quality, at the same time when shooting videos, which is not limited by the video recording quality, as is customary in other smartphones.

Also, among other things, the new smartphones place great emphasis on security and ensuring privacy during their use. In particular, by offering the HONOR Magic4 Pro, it debuts an all-new feature, “Privacy Calling”, where with the support of modern technology the display and receiver work together to adjust the volume of incoming sound to suit different environments, ensuring that even if the user is in a quiet environment, such as the elevator, the people standing next to him cannot hear the voice of the one who calls.

Also the dual security system of the Honor Magic4 series, developed jointly with Qualcomm, provides improved security requirements for essential services around the world.The range is also equipped with an independent security chip, providing maximum security for passwords and biometrics such as facial IDs and fingerprints. The Honor Magic4 Pro’s 3D depth camera further leverages biometrics 3D facial recognition to provide high-level security and protection.

Among other things, the display of the HONOR Magic4 Pro, can display up to 1.07 billion colors, achieves automatic and real-time conversion from SDR to HDR and increased frame rate with motion compensation, providing, as noted, an authentic viewing experience for all types of content, including high-definition video, graphics, movies, games and more. It is also ideal for those who spend many hours in front of the screen, minimizing eye strain.

HONOR Magic4 Pro will be available in the Greek market in the 2nd quarter of the year. HONOR also unveiled the HONOR Watch GS 3 smart watch weighing just 44 grams and dimensions of 10.5mm, which supports more than 100 training modes, providing precise route tracking capabilities from the built-in L1/L5 Dual Frequency GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) when its owner runs, cycles or hikes outdoors. HONOR also announced the release of the new HONOR Earbuds 3 Pro headphones, which among other things have the ability to measure body temperature.

Realme unveiled the Realme GT 2 Pro and Realme GT2 on the first day and the Realme buds Air 3 on the second day, equipped with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and at an affordable price. These premium headphones even feature 42 db noise cancellation algorithms.

In particular, the Buds Air 3 has a 546mAh battery and offers up to 30 hours of playback and 100% charging in about an hour. According to Realme, headphones can play 100 minutes of music with just 10 minutes of fast charging.

The company also unveiled the Book Prime with a 2K display that as a second-generation device comes with an 11th generation Intel Core processor. At the same time, it is available with up to 16GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD storage and has a 1440P full-vision display.

Lenovo unveiled its premium laptops and Chromebooks as part of the IdeaPad Flex series. The latest devices are equipped with the latest Intel Core and 12th generation AMD processors.

The IdeaPad Flex 5 series features two 14-inch and 16-inch screen sizes and three different display qualities, namely 1080p, 1400pm and 1800p.While the IdeaPad Flex 5i gets the 12th generation Intel Core series up to Core i7 with 16GB of RAM and a 1TB storage SSD option, the IdeaPad Flex 5 is powered by the AMD Ryzen 5,000 processor. The report still has a lot to show since it continues to promote the new technological derivatives of the global technological scene, it remains to be seen just what that will be.

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