The first subscription box for Greek wine is launching!

The Wine God, which was found by Evee Anastasopoulou and Jim Athanasiadis, is the first wine club worldwide offering exclusively Greek wine in a subscription box! It is also the first themed wine box service, designed to satisfy beginners and aficionados alike. It’s a wine journey, from 49€ per box.

“The Wine God” is a curated club: every month experts craft an exquisite experience. As there are more than 100 ancient Greek wine varieties, produced in small acreage, with various terroirs and microclimates, the quantities produced are small and the brands many. So, anyone who wants to explore contemporary Greek wines can sure use a guide.

The experts pick a concept, choose wines based on it and craft tailor-made identity cards: variety, terroir, exact vineyard, suggested food pairings, unique geographical or historical trivia, awards. By unveiling its secrets to the club subscribers, the wine takes them on a journey across Greece. Identity cards and bottles are all put in a box. And then the package is off to meet its recipient across Europe.

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