ThPA: The first Greek port to adopt blockchain

ThPA S.A. is the first Greek port to adopt “blockchain” technology through integration with TradeLens, a digital logistics platform supported by five of the six largest maritime transport companies worldwide. ThPA focuses on the transformation of the Port of Thessaloniki into a “smart port” through smart technologies for the digitization of systems, in order to provide innovative and high quality services with simplified procedures, creating added value for the wider port community.

As ThPA is the main sea gateway to Southeastern, Central and Eastern Europe, the detailed visibility of container movements becomes a very important factor. The TradeLens platform promotes the efficient, transparent and secure exchange of information, with the aim of enhancing cooperation and trust in the global supply chain. It provides visibility across the supply chain and relies on a wealth of information from the industry, including direct integrations with more than 180 ports and terminals, 15+ customs authorities around the world, and a growing number of combined transport providers.

The integration of ThPA in the TradeLens platform significantly improves the management of resources and the container storage area by utilizing earlier information provided by partners, while simplifying and reducing the cost of connection with each individual shipping line and the wider port community. The transformation of manual, bureaucratic and time-consuming administrative procedures into digital processes optimizes and accelerates the decision-making process for ThPA and its associated ecosystems.

“The use of the TradeLens platform contributes to increasing operational efficiency through better visibility of container flows with multiple modes of transport, while improving the impact on climate change. The inclusion in the TradeLens platform is a big step forward for THPA S.A., in order to lead the change in the combined transport sector in Greece, pioneering the digitization of the supply chain of Southeastern Europe.”, stated the Executive President of the Board of Directors of ThPA, Thanos Liagos.

“TradeLens is an open and neutral platform that aims to digitize and connect the global supply ecosystem. We are excited to add ThPA S.A. (the 1st Greek Port – Container Terminal) to the TradeLens ecosystem, as we have an important partner in Greece and Southeastern Europe to provide efficient container handling from start to finish, thus helping our common customers to reduce the total logistics cost.”, commented Thomas Sproat, Senior Director of Network Development.

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