Solfyre launches SID at Web Summit 2015 

Solfyre, a British privacy startup released its personal login manager app, SID at Web Summit 2015. The new app ensures that unique and complex passwords can be used for all of the user’s online accounts including online banking without the need for each password to be written doSID_CraigValliswn! Instead, it is encrypted on the user’s phone and not stored on the Internet.

“Solfyre started as a quest to create an alternative to using Google and Facebook to login into websites but has resulted in so much more. Not only did we succeed in creating one account that logs you into everywhere on the Internet, offers maximum security and is easy enough for everyone to use but we’ve created the most incredible login experience. SID is so quick and hassle-free that you’ll wonder how we’ve done it”, stated Craig Vallis, founder and CEO of Solfyre.


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