The top 5 soft skills that Startups are looking for

“In a world where work roles are changing rapidly, soft skills will be one of the few constants,” said Chris Jones, CEO of City & Guilds. And how could it not be so, since employers around the world now realize that, if one’s hard skills are the basis, soft skills are the ones that allow them to make the most of their potential and progress.

This is double true for Startups, that draw their strength from vision, love for innovation and progress and -even more importantly- from the mounting of a team that can support the previous two. So, if you want to join the team of a Startup, your soft skills should not only not be missing from your CV, but should also have spotlights on them.

The list of valuable soft skills for working in a Startup is long, but here we gather the five usually most desirable.


The heart of a Startup beats in the team, so it’s no wonder that team spirit is one of the most essential skills a candidate needs to have.Where everything is made from scratch, where roles can be fluid, where circumstances may be reminiscent of an “organized chaos”, they need people who are less concerned with the “I” and more about how they can work together and contribute, so that all together, as a team, they can achieve the goals.

Communication skills

Effective communication and promotion of the idea / product in the external environment is crucial for the success of a Startup. Since good collaboration within the team also depends on efficient communication, it is understood why developed communication skills are among the key skills for Startups.

Everything starts from active listening and progresses to the employee’s ability to express himself clearly, to be able to write reports and communicate with his eyes.


Another great soft skill for your CV is the one that allows you to excel in an environment of “organized chaos” and go along with the fast pace we mentioned before. In fact, flexibility and adaptability are two complementary skills.

From responding quickly to change and having the ability to perform different tasks to having high perception and speed of learning, all these make you adaptive and flexible – and they are valuable soft skills in themselves.


One’s ability to think “outside the box” and find original solutions to unforeseen problems fits perfectly within Startups, where usually resources, human resources, and time to manage situations are limited.

Even more so, if this ingenuity allows you to find ways to automate processes that will save everyone time. If you have evidence of the above from your previous work experience, be sure to highlight them in your CV.


Last on the list, but equally important skill is the ability to take initiatives. Being able to discern opportunities, anticipate a problem and take the right action, without constantly waiting for instructions, will make you a valuable member of a Startup.

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