The Greek Startups raised more than 300 million euros in 3 weeks

Greek Startups managed to raise high amounts of funding in May, putting their development programs into practice

May was a particularly favorable month for Greek Startups.Last week 5 Greek Startups announced the new funds they managed to raise after funding rounds, putting in practice their development programs.


FlexCar, the Startup, which operates in the leasing sector, secured new funding of 210 million euros from Fasarna Ventures. The new capital raised in this funding round will be invested entirely in the brand’s international expansion to 2 more continents within the next 12 months, aiming at global leadership in the flexible leasing industry.

The financing is an amount unprecedented by domestic market standards, making the Fasarna Ventures fund a record investment. It is worth mentioning that FlexCar has already made investments of more than 100 million euros in the markets where it operates, having managed in just 3 years to increase its turnover eightfold and establish itself as a profitable company.


TileDB raised funding from Verizon Ventures to accelerate the development of the company’s global database and scale up go-to-market operations.

The amount is still unknown. TileDB is a unique database, which, unlike the traditional ones, can store and manage any type of data, such as genomes, satellite images, telecommunications data and more. The businessman from Xanthi, Stavros Papadopoulos has managed to staff a team of 40 people. In its approximately 4 years of operation, the Startup has raised approximately 20 million euros from previous funding rounds.


Katanox raised 5,7 million dollars from a group of investors active in finance, technology and hotels. The fund will be used to simplify the process of connecting accommodation and hotels with customers. Katanox connects its customers with new partners who want to avoid the extra burdens from intermediaries.In fact, it enables cooperation with many “Travel Sellers” with transparency, as well as the easy approach of new customers. Contracts, management and payments are processed by the company so that their customers can focus on serving their guests.


Timberhub raised 1,5 million euros from speedinvest, as well as from various angel investors.

Its aim is to contribute to a greener future in the sector of industry worldwide.

Timberhub was founded by 4 Greeks (Ion Sergis, Dimitris Pagratis, Thomas and Yiannis Androutselis) and is developing a platform that seeks to bring timber producers closer together and especially the individual sawmills with builders and contractors who use wood.

It is a very fragmented but at the same time quite large market with the emphasis initially, as Ion Sergis mentions on CNN Greece, to focus on Germany, which is the largest in Europe.


Peek raised 2.5 million dollars in a seed funding round led by GFA Venture Partners to improve leasing processes for tenants and property managers. Peek works only with the most quality suppliers. Its team of travel experts selects the best activities to offer a personalized experience that suits any travel style.The company gathers all the information one needs to visit a place, and even provides travel guides helping travelers discover new places and live unique experiences.

In fact, Feel Therapeutics also received funding from SeedtoB Capital, aiming at mental health care. Spotawheel also received 100 million euros from VentureFriends aiming at global expansion.

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