simplifies open source software by making it available with one click!

The ultimate solution to the problem of installing and managing Open Source Software, which is usually a complicated and extremely difficult process, is offered by the newly-established Hellenic-Dutch

This, at the touch of a single button! By exploiting and using publishing, communication and collaboration tools such as Ghost, Discourse and Hackpad, simplifies the whole process in order for the user to focus on the main functions of his work: record new, build online communities and collaborate with his team., an initiative of Erwin Blom, Mark Pors and Dimi Balaouras, offers a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, since the user can choose to start from 15 euros a month. At the same time, a free trial of all applications is provided.

As Erwin Blom, General Manager of, said, its launch was based on a personal disappointment. “I love great software and open source, since I was responsible for channeling the MMBAse open source to the VPRO broadcast network, without having any technical knowledge and background. Something that proved to be quite painful. Thanks to, I can easily start a blog or forum having its full control!”.

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