New order for 90 electric Irizar buses for EMT of Madrid

Madrid’s Municipal Transport Company (Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid – EMT) is continuing to pursue its goal to electrify its fleet and, for the fifth time, it has awarded another order to Irizar e-mobility this time consisting of 90 buses. This latest order means that EMT Madrid will now have a total of 175 zero-emissions Irizar buses in its fleet.

The zero-emissions Irizar vehicles will have latest generation batteries with more than 430 kWh of energy. The traction unit of the vehicles will be a central 206 kW motor.
The buses can be charged using an inverted pantograph or by slow-charging in-depot.
Madrid’s Municipal Transport Company, which has designed ambitious projects to make progress towards electrification, has put their trust in Irizar e-mobility for a fifth time by awarding them an order for 90 electric buses. It’s the largest order of electric buses awarded to Irizar e-mobility up to now and it’s the largest tender for electric buses by EMT of Madrid to date. The EMT of Madrid will add 175 electric Irizar buses to its fleet with this new order.

“The EMT has been electrifying their fleet for several years. Irizar e-mobility has been by our side during the process of technological transformation and in our strategy that will make it possible to have 25% of our fleet being electric in 2025.”, said Carlos Sierra, Director of Transport Service at EMT Madrid.

“We’re very grateful to EMT Madrid for this new order. We’re filled with pride to be part of this enormous project of EMT Madrid, which is a world leader in the electrification of public transport.” added Irizar e-mobility Commercial Director Txema Otero.

The new vehicles that will be included in the EMT fleet will be equipped with latest generation 430 kWh batteries from Irizar, which will ensure the buses have an optimal range. The vehicles will be charged using an inverted pantograph or a Combo 2 charger connector. And the traction unit will be a 206 kW central motor.

Individualized tests were done by EMT Madrid to measure the range and efficiency requirements to award the tender. Irizar e-mobility got record results in the test, easily exceeding more than 350 km.

The vehicles will be 12 metres long ie bus models. They will have two doors, 28 passenger seats, one driver’s seat and two wheelchair areas. In addition to the environmental benefits of zero CO2 emissions and low noise levels, the buses also stand out because of their design. The operator has chosen to include some aesthetic features of the Irizar ie tram into the fleet, like using cameras instead of rear view mirrors.

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