Sponsia, founded by Milen Ivanov and Teodosy Teodosiev in November, 2012, is an online marketplace enhancing the connectivity between sponsors and organizers of events, causes and activities. It is supported by Eleven – a venture fund providing financing to early-stage startups, itself powered by Springboard, the leading European startup accelerator.

Sponsia offers professional and non-professional event organizers the opportunity to raise funds and create better events assisting them in finding interested sponsors.  Sponsors, on the other hand, benefit from a gathered range of activities that could bring their brands through a fruitful deal to their target consumers, thus influencing the awareness, image and sales.

It takes sponsorship to a new level by providing new opportunities, offering flexibility and proposing new budget-friendly formats of sponsoring – beneficial for both sides.  It achieves this by changing the meaning of both Event and Sponsor.

Event is no more the extravagant, in large scale, like a concert, a festival, a congress. Even a small event company may benefit from sponsorship. Every niche gathering of like-minded people can be called an event and can find a sponsor with Sponsia’s help; a small conference, a stag party, even a wedding. Everyone organizing such events is welcome, every “Eventpreneur”. The same goes for the Sponsor. No more a privilege of big companies and multinational giants with considerable budgets; everybody with a business, even a small one, a brand or a service can be a sponsor and find events or mini-events that match exactly his/her aims and target the desired consumers. And even if such event is not currently registered, he can place the request and inspire organizers to go for it.

Sponsia’s vision is to create a global online platform for advertisers that will help everyone sell branding opportunities from the events of their lives to interested brands and businesses.


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