TechTour SE Europe 2022: Representatives of funds from all over the world met 30 Startups up close

The international conference was held with great success for the first time in Greece

The international conference, TechTour SE Europe 2022, was held for the first time in Greece, with the support and hosting of the Hellenic Development Bank of Investments and the initiative and assistance of Uni.Fund.

It is a closed meeting, which takes place every year on a global level, and brings together the “crème de la crème” of funds and investors who invest in technological Startups, with which they meet.

This year, 35 representatives of funds from Greece and 65 from Europe, the United States and the Arabian Peninsula participated.

Within two days, more than one hundred one-to-one meetings and presentations were held by 30 Startups (15 from Greece and 15 from the rest of Southeastern Europe), while the discussions were also of a high level, in the context of the topics of the parallel conference. The potential funds, which were there to invest in innovative companies and venture capital, were close to 10 billion euros.

Total entries exceeded all expectations, since 170 people are considered a significant number for a conference, which is only by invitation.

In fact, the proposal of the management of HDBI is already being examined, that the conference should be held every year on a regular basis in Greece.

“The Hellenic Development Bank of Investments is constantly strengthening the market with new financial tools aimed at supporting innovative and Startup entrepreneurship. It is no coincidence that the total number of funds that HDBI participates in is 13, while the funds it has committed in these schemes are more than 300 million euros. The total funds of these schemes amount to 900 million euros.The economic and technological situation has now created an important window of opportunity for Greek Startups, which in the coming years are expected to contribute decisively to the GDP of Greece.”, stated the Deputy Minister of Development and Investments, Yiannis Tsakiris.

“Greece is attracting more and more investments in research and technology and creating an environment where more opportunities for talented entrepreneurs and scientists from Greece to be competitive globally are presented. TechTour SE Europe 2022 organized by the Hellenic Development Bank of Investments is an excellent opportunity, a well-organized forum for the government to present its initiatives for the innovation ecosystem and for businesses that want to create additional synergies.”, said Deputy Minister of Development and Investments, Christos Dimas.

“The country has been trying to turn the page for the last two years. And the chambers aim to help Greek businesses, to take the place they deserve in the new reality. Either through their role as institutional advisors of the state, or through the services they provide to their members. Events such as TechTour, favor the encouragement and promotion of international collaborations, but also the formation of a business ecosystem without borders.”, noted the President of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Yiannis Bratakos.

“This year’s conference was a clear vote of confidence, both in the innovation ecosystem and in Greece. This is also shown by the very significant turnout of people who registered to come and visit Greece, especially for TechTour.Because it is a closed event, by invitation only, these are people who were all willing to get to know better the Greek environment and the Greek ecosystem. HDBI will continue to support Greek entrepreneurship, with all its strength and with new agreements to attract investments.”, commented The President of HDBI, Dr. Harris Lambropoulos.

“We are very happy that the maiden conduct of TechTour in Greece has been so successful. It was a high-quality conference at all levels: delegates, participants, investors, entrepreneurs. This shows the work that is being done at the Hellenic Development Bank of Investments, but also the dynamics and credibility that Greek Startups emit in the global ecosystem.”, said HDBI’s CEO, Antigone Lyberopoulou.

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