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PayPal will acquire the “Buy now, Pay later” Paidy service

PayPal will acquire Paidy for 2.7 billion dollars in the fourth quarter of 2021. According to PayPal’s announcement, Japan is the third largest e-commerce market in the world, which explains the company’s move. Paidy will thus help it expand its importance, distribution and capabilities in Japan’s domestic online payment sector.    Paidy is a payment […]

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Square will offer loans to companies

Square offers integrated payment services in America, something like Greece’s Viva Payments , will now also gives loans to the cooperating companies. While there are other companies in the field of FinTech offering purely loans to SME businesses, Square is the second electronic payments company that combines these two services.  Square is listed in New […]

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e-Money companies boom in United Kingdom

Everything indicates that we are moving rapidly toward a cashless world economy and the sector of FinTech is proving extremely active in its capital, the United Kingdom. According to the consultancy firm Bovill, 79 e-Money companies have received authorization from the UK regulator, FCA, in 2015 against 38 in 2013 with the forecast for 2016 […]

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Google, Amazon, Apple and PayPal form Financial Innovation Now

Google, Amazon, Apple and PayPal have teamed up in order to create Financial Innovation Now, a new advocacy group that aims to lobby political debate on new technologies issues, such as cybersecurity, real-time payments and online lending. These tech companies have a shared interest in ensuring regulations are loosened around fintech! It must be mentioned […]

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