Startup Pathways: Specialization in B2B Community Building

What B2B Community Building means and why it is important for every brand

What is a B2B Community and what are its benefits?

When we talk about B2B Community, we are talking about a well-formed community of customers (and non-customers) of a brand. The members of a B2B Community feel closely connected to each other, seek to help each other, interact with the brand making it better and act as loyal brand ambassadors.

Why do you need to build a community of customers?

Increase of brand awareness & brand loyalty, and therefore, of brand ambassadors. The success of B2B marketing is now about creating and cultivating long-term and meaningful relationships. One-way advertising communication with the customer has now been overcome. Let’s not forget that behind B2B are people and people want dialogue and authentic connection with brands.

What B2B Community Building techniques are there?

Brands can use a variety of techniques and initiatives to delight their members and attract new customers. Some of them are:

> Regular branded events that offer substantial value, with important speakers and time for the necessary networking at the end.

> Closed trainings with a blended audience of both existing clients and desired prospects on topics around the product itself, and not only.

> Open online or face-to-face webinars, with trainings and speeches related to the new trends & skills required in the space where the brand operates.

> Annual forums and roundatables, where the most loyal members can get in touch with the top executives of the brand and gain more connection with them.

Why choose startup Pathways to start your community building?

At startup Pathways we specialize in B2B Community Building and this is proven by the partnerships we have so far with the biggest names of the global tech scene (Microsoft, Google, etc.). Our team consists of experienced business executives, marketing and HR, while the methodology we follow is always tailor-made to the needs and goals of our partners. Let’s talk about your own needs.

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