The Greek startup that aims to disrupt the bidding industry

The penny auction and the bidding scene is filled with scam websites and failed implementations which leaves many bidding enthusiasts frustrated with the overall experience. This is what Thomas Bountouridis noticed a few years ago. This is why he started his journey building Dibin with his co-founder Athanasios Voudouris.

Dibin is an innovative solution that combines a gaming approach and a disrupting model whereby the prices of the products go down with every bid. The reversed auction bidding model is not a totally new concept but there are not many bidding businesses adopting it successfully.

Dibin is based in Greece.The startup has recently joined the Raise Capital program. The program will help Dibin in getting matched with angel investors and other funding sources to raise around $150k and kick-start their business. Mr. Hesham Zreik, CEO of FasterCapital, commented on this partnership, “The founders behind Dibin are dedicated and hard-working free thinkers and FasterCapital will be glad to support them.”

Thomas Bountouridis: “We are more than happy to work with FasterCapital, from day 1 they showed nothing but high levels of professionalism and support. We are sure that collaborating with them is the key step towards a successful business.”

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