Seervision: Raises 3,7 CHF to accelerate its expansion in the market, meeting demands for hybrid events

The spin-off company of the Zurich Research University, Seervision, has successfully completed a funding round led by Verve Ventures, also involving the Athens-based Metavallon VC, the EIC Fund, Zürcher Kantonalbank and other existing investors. The company uses artificial intelligence to automate the production of high-quality video. 

The new funding will be used to grow sales, building on the partner channel that Seervision has created in recent months with leading media technology providers such as Diversified in North America, ASK Corp. in Japan and B+T Bild+Ton AG in Switzerland.To maintain its technological advantages in automating AI-based video production, Seervision is launching new technical and commercial support teams in Athens. The first recruitments have been completed and the company is looking for additional qualified personnel.

Seervision customers are investing in its camera automation technology to make their in-house video production process of hybrid and virtual events professional. The need for businesses to create a visual corporate identity as well as to conduct hybrid events and presentations seamlessly has been greatly enhanced by the pandemic and the demand for internal video production is greater than ever. Combined with its overall challenges of remote working, this trend is one of the most exciting to work with as we emerge from the worst phase of the pandemic.

“This is the perfect time for us. The shift to remote working has brought the technology of remote video production five years ahead, creating fertile ground for workflow automation companies like ours,” said Seervision co-founder Nikos Kariotoglou.

Seervision is well placed to take advantage of the transition to hybrid and virtual events. The demand for cost-effective production of high-quality video is growing particularly fast,” stated Michael Blank from Verve Ventures.

“We are pleased that the EIC Fund has participated in this round of funding helping Seervision expand. Thanks to these funds, we are helping this newly established robotic startup that combines machine learning, machine vision and filmmaking to further advance its growth process.”, said Nicklas Bergman, a member of the EIC Fund’s investment committee.

Our goal is to always work with products and teams that reflect our values and we believe that Seervision meets these requirements. The automation of workflows in various vertical sectors is clearly a new trend that we need to respond to immediately. In fact, we’ve already garnered interest from various customers in the United States for Seervision’s technology. Therefore, we look forward to working with it to expand it into the U.S. market,” commented Duane Yoslov, Senior Vice President of Diversified US.

Over the past few months, we’ve successfully partnered with Seervision to provide state-of-the-art production workflow automations for several major customers from various industries. The success of the projects and the weight of the customers represent very well the potential of the collaboration between Bild+Ton and Seervision for the future,” said Claudio Dommann, Team Purchasing Leader/ Administration at B+T Bild+Ton AG.

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