GLAMI survey: The greeks want Black Friday for fashion shopping

The percentage of greeks who intend to buy fashion products during the biggest discount event of the year comes up to 66%, while only 1% does not know what it is.

Fashion seems to be gaining ground in the “shopping cart” of greeks for Black Friday since according to the answers of the participants of GLAMI’s most recent Fashion (Re)search survey, only 11% replied that they will not shop for fashion products (out of a total of 4,022 participants) to the corresponding question of the survey.

Finally, it should be noted that the results of the consumer survey come from a questionnaire survey completed by 4,022 greek users of the and the data collection took place for about ten days at the end of September.

Impulsive or with program the greeks for Black Friday?

It seems that the greek public is divided among those who are waiting for Black Friday in an organized way (53% said that they will plan what they will shop, with or without preparation e.g. list, market research, etc.) while 45% of respondents will not plan in advance what they are going to buy and will simply look for the best deals during Black Friday.

It is obvious that online fashion stores should have significant discounts to attract the attention of customers but also to start promoting their offers well in advance to inform consumers.

For those who said they do not intend to buy, the two most important negative factors are that they find discounts throughout the year (38%) and that it can lead them to unnecessary purchases (20%).

Christmas is not enough as an incentive for consumers

Greeks do not seem to follow the trend that prevails in most European markets – countries where GLAMI operates with consumers there increasingly combining Christmas shopping with Black Friday discounts. In Greece, 36%, the highest percentage among the 10 countries surveyed, said that they mainly do their festive purchases in the first week of December.

The digital leap of consumers of the lockdown era is now becoming standard behavior

52% of survey respondents will choose to shop online for the holidays, a period that traditionally attracts more visitors to physical stores. At the same time, 33% will choose both on and off line while only 8% will choose to shop from physical stores.

When asked why they choose online shopping while all stores are open, 57% said that online they can compare prices and find the cheapest option while 44% choose online shopping because they are faster with the use of filters etc. It seems that the basic idea behind the fashion search engine that brings together all the fashion stores in one place helps visitors choose more easily and faster what they are looking for. 

Eshops have not yet managed to find solutions to fixed consumer problems

In the question “What you do not like in online shopping, and you still want to shop from physical stores during the holidays” it seems that consumers clearly express their needs but it seems that online stores cannot meet the constant requests of consumers, since three of the four most important reasons that physical stores are chosen over online shopping is that they prefer to try and see clothes and accessories before buying (73%), consider the walk in the shops as a form of entertainment / exit (31%), want to support the local market (27%) and do not like the return process (23%).

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