Robotics and STEM equipment in schools by the Ministry of Education

More than 177,000 robotics sets for children 4-15 years old in kindergarten, elementary and high school will be supplied by the ministry of education, according to a relevant announcement. This is a project with a budget of 30 million euros for the supply of robotics and STEM equipment to schools funded by the Recovery and Resilience Fund.

The objectives of ensuring robotic systems, the ministry says, are “the familiarization of students with Programming and Technology, the promotion of educational innovation, the enhancement of teamwork, the involvement of students with problem solving (analysis, design, implementation, testing and experimentation, evaluation), the development of communication skills and valuable cognitive skills (analytical and synthetic thinking, creativity, critical thinking) and the cultivation of interdisciplinarity”

Finally, the ministry points out how “robotic construction programming creates a completely new working environment for students and their teachers.

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