Recommerce Vinterior raises 8 million pounds for vintage sustainable furniture

The London-based company Vinterio has raised 8 million pounds in a funding round. The funding was led by Active Partners, along with the existing investor Venrex. With the new funding, Vinterio plans to further promote both its international and team development.

Avoiding the option of buying furniture in bulk, the startup is engaged in finding and selling unique items for the home. Vinterio was founded in 2016 by Sandrine Zhang Ferron and Leslie Fournier and was born out of an idea of searching for vintage furniture, for sustainability, using technology.

Quite quickly, the duo discovered that they were not the only ones who wished to abandon the culture of “fast-furniture” for something not only unique, but also ecologically friendly. And not only consumers  are winners through Vinterio, but antique businesses as well have the opportunity to learn more about the new selling methods.

Over the past five years, the startup has grown exponentially from a handful of merchants in London, currently hosting over 1,800 sellers from at least 30 countries worldwide. The company has recorded a 120% year-on-year increase, has handled more than 200 million dollars in vintage items and antiques through its “doors” and currently employs 43 people staff.

Vinterior has the belief that vintage offers a better, more sustainable way of consumption and a truly unique and meaningful way of decorating the house, bringing the past to the present and reviving the style of each era. Energy and materials wasted in the manufacture of new furniture can thus be avoided.

Whether it’s apartment furnishing or even a cottage, people who stay in the space should be able to live in style and sustainability, CEO Zhang Ferron said. Active Partners’ Tom Profumo called Vinterior an “online treasure” thanks to its collection of beautiful, high-quality furniture and home accessories that it offers for every space.

The startup opens up access to the vintage market to consumers around the world. With the rise of re-commerce and the circular economy, consumers are increasingly prioritizing sustainability combined with aesthetics, leading to an increase in demand for vintage items in general.

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