Prosperty: Technology and data transform Real Estate

Prosperty,the greek real estate company is changing the status quo in a stagnant and “obsolete” market,leveraging the power og technology and data.

Real Estate brings billions of euros in Greece with hundreds of thousands of real estate purchases and rentals taking place annually and trillions worldwide,proving that it is the biggest asset of the world.

At the same time ,the market “is plagued” with specific problems, that those who have been involved in real estate purchases and rentals, either as owners, buyers or tenants, have faced. Bureaucracy , high costs and the general inconvenience are some of these problems.

Technology in the service of a better experience

The last 15 years the only contact between technology and real estate concerned famous classified ads sites. A successful model that developed globally in the 2000s but remained stagnant for many years.

Real estate is usually presented with bad quality photos, insufficient and deceptive data, leading to meaningful visits,unnecessary inconvenience,costs and delays for the interested parties and a huge bureaucracy if the consumer finally decides either to buy or rent.

Prosperty innovates and transforms real estate purchases and rentals. It offers great convenience,transparency and credibility through the use of its data, the modern technology and the digitalization of procedures

How does Prosperty use technology and data?

It uses modern tools and AI and it enables data certification for realties ,remote virtual visit in the realty through a realistic 360o VR and produces clear and legible views , allowing accurate measurements of the interior spaces.

The company provides analytical reports about the prices through the use of real estate data ,the current transactions that Prosperty administers , the constant measurement of supply and demand as well as the use of algorithms.

The production of drone videos gives a more complete report about the location of the realty and the state of the surrounding area.

The digitized documents of the realty and the automated real estate purchase enables the involved parties(lawyers,engineers) to run the relevant procedures through Prosperty’s platform ,signing electronically,uploading the documents,conducting the necessary checks and in general making the whole procedure simple and transparent both for the owner and the buyer.

Prosperty offers an end-to-end experience from the search of the realty to the digitized signing of the lease,as well as the online payment.

To sum up,Prosperty also wants to contribute to the “opening” of the auction market that today is only for a few by creating a new service and the announcement is due for September.Anyone will be able ,leveraging the platform’s services , to search realty and ask for advice about the price that is considered reasonable to outbid , leaving the whole auction procedure on Prosperty’s hands.

Finally,soon enough there will be the possibility for mortgage pre-approval applications through the platform, a procedure that demands multiple and long lasting visits and sending documents to one or more banks, will be done through Prosperty digitally , fast and effortlessly.

By doing all these ,Prosperty aims at becoming the benchmark of real estate purchases and rentals not only in Greece but also abroad.

After one year, the results are impressive. A portfolio of 1,700 realties of over 1 billion euros , 500,000 unique visitors in the platform , real estate sales which worth over 30 million euros and 1,000 active buyers with a budget that surpasses 150 million euros is just the beginning.

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