Kineo: The startup that introduces electric bikes and scooters to Greek people

Nowadays,not only in Greece but also in many countries where the so-called micromobility is on the rise, everyday transportation is a problem without a profound solution. Long distances, traffic and poor means of transportation make big cities a “maze”,causing great inconvenience, which cost financially and environmentally.

Adam Markakis,CEO at Kineo, taking into consideration all the above and because he was familiar with the experience of transports in Greece and abroad, decided in 2020 to create Kineo,an alternative subscription service for electric bikes and scooters. Since then , the company has developed commercially and productively,achieving many of its goals.

Autohellas, a large car rental company in Greece and Europe,has invested in Kineo which has managed to gain thousands of subscribers and very important cooperations of B2B level.This practically means that several companies have selected Kineo and its vehicles to cover logistics and delivery services in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Also,big brands of the market support and trust Kineo’s solution. The “key’’ here is the complete offer and the subscription model.Kineo’s customers can choose from a constantly increasing range of electric bikes and scooters and use them for as long as they want. All the necessary complementary services,such as insurance, are included in the price.There is no further engagement after the completion of one month and the customer can buy or return his vehicle whenever he wishes.

Kotsovolos,a greek company that sells tech products and efood,a food delivery app,have already been among Kineo’s associates. Kotsovolos has been using cargo electric bikes for 3 months and covers delivery needs,increasing the efficiency and the speed of its activities,while improving its environmental footprint. Smaller businesses such as the local pastry shop “Oh my Cake” chooses Kineo”s means for its deliveries. At the same time businesses such as Reborrn, a consulting company,and Carge,an electric vehicle charging app, “are running” pilot programs in cooperation with Kineo,enabling their employees to move using Kineo’s bikes and scooters.

Creating “cities for people”

Kineo’s goal was to provide a complete solution which can cover needs for its customers and the businesses,creating together with the current organizations “cities for people”. It manages to achieve it through the emphasis on the needs and the feedback of the users,launching constantly new services. The most current service is the launch of the first holistic insurance product in Greece for micromobility vehicles in cooperation with Anytime, the well-known greek insurance company . This initiative has come up because the company realised that a basic obstacle for prospective and existing users is theft, corrosion, as well as the lack of safe parking, a problem that is planning to solve.

As the company reveals to, they are going to announce a new cooperation that will offer access to parking spots all over Athens and soon it intends to expand in Thessaloniki and other areas nearby in order to serve citizens and businesses with which it cooperates.

When our customers see us with the bike,we gain their respect and admiration because of the way we deliver our products which is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.May all companies start using electric bikes for their deliveries.”, stated the owner of “Oh my Cake”,Savvas Zafeiropoulos.


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