Perceptual Robotics raises a new 1,6 million pounds funding

Perceptual Robotics announced the completion of a new 1,6 million pounds funding, led by TSP Ventures that specializes in investments in environmental tech companies.Humble Holdings that specializes in impact investments and is based in Luxemburg, Metavallon VC, as existing investor and other strategic angel investors also participated in the round.

Perceptual Robotics uses autonomous drones, advanced robotics and Machine Learning to provide complete infrastructure inspection, starting with wind turbines.These inspections identify and analyze defects with higher consistency, higher credibility and reduced cost compared to current methods.The company has been developing its services since 2016 when it was founded at Bristol’s Robotic Lab by Kostas Karachalios, Dimitris Nikolaidis and Kevin Lind, while nowadays it has an office in Athens.Perceptual Robotics has been carrying out autonomous inspections for some of the biggest wind turbine operators in the world.

“We are delighted to join the team of Perceptual Robotics.The company’s mission to reduce the cost and improve efficiency in the wind turbine inspection market, is helping the whole wind industry become more efficient and cost effective.At TSP Ventures we like technologies that can contribute to the acceleration of the transition to renewable energy sources and a sustainable future for our planet.We are looking forward to supporting Kostas and the rest of the team while they will be expanding their international activities.”, said Chris Smith, CEO of TSP Ventures.

“We are excited to have closed our last funding round, led by TSP Ventures.The round will enable us to expand our team, improve our technology and increase our sales and marketing activities in the framework of our recent successful programs with customers all around Europe.We are lucky we had the support of Metavallon VC in the first funding round while with the addition of TSP Ventures, Humble Holdings and other angel investors with deep knowledge of the sector, we feel we have a strong investor-base that complement each other.We have been expanding our team and we have opened new working positions for network engineers and sales engineers in Athens and Bristol. Perceptual Robotics is in the position to provide exceptional services to its customers and new automations for wind energy and other industries.The future is bright and fascinating.”, commented Kostas Karachalios, CEO of Perceptual Robotics.

It is highlighted that Perceptual Robotics had raised 600,000 euros from Metavallon VC, in 2019.During the previous years (2016-2018) the company had raised grants of some hundreds of thousands of pounds.

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