Onwelo includes Digital Workplace solutions in its offer thanks to agreement with Oneclick

Oneclick – the Swiss provider of Digital Workplace, a cloud-based platform – is about to offer its solution to small and medium-sized companies in Poland. The producer intends to provide them with its offer via Onwelo, which has thus become Oneclick’s strategic partner in Poland.

The Oneclick platform enables companies to make use of any applications installed under such operating systems as Windows, iOS, Unix or Linux via browser on laptops, tablets and even smartphones. Access to these applications may be granted to individual employees by the administrator of the company account at Oneclick. The management of such an account is also effected within the friendly browser environment, and does not require any special technical skills.

Having logged into their individual account, every employee acquires immediate access to the available software (e.g. Office, Salesforce, SAP), without the need to install the applications at their end. Any new and required applications can be deployed and made available to selected employees by the administrator of the company account at Oneclick via Oneclick store. The programs are made available as services, which means that payment is made on the time-of-use basis (e.g. a week or month), and all the work concerned with their maintenance, upgrade and technical support is the responsibility of Oneclick.

Applications and data are technologically separated from devices. Thus, in the event of failure, theft or a loss of the laptop needed for work, you can just start using any other device and have access to the very same programs and data. Proper work comfort and operational fluidity are assured by the 50 data centres scattered all over the world. It is thanks to them that working with Oneclick cloud perfectly equals using software installed locally. I believe that our solution can considerably contribute to employee mobility and operational flexibility of Polish companies” said Dr. Martin Spreitzhofer, vice-president of Oneclick.

The Oneclick solution is also very special because of its high cost-effectiveness. Simply put, it is more profitable to use an application within the service model offered by Oneclick than to buy it and install on your own computer. Companies can also use the Oneclick platform to supplement the programs they have already purchased and installed. In my opinion, Oneclick has a great chance of winning over many Polish small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who readily use cloud and mobile solutions. Hence our decision to enter into this partnership,” said Dariusz Ossowski, COO and co-owner of Onwelo.

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