Mobibet: An innovative retail gaming solution from Vermantia

Vermantia announced its latest innovative retail gaming solution, MOBIBET, designed to cater to the needs of licensed gaming operators wishing to offer punters a wide choice of televised games services in the retail space including points of sale with limited space such as corners and betting kiosks.

The fragmented nature of international retail networks means that the capability to deploy multiple TV screens delivering gaming content is restricted. Vermantia has developed MobiBet, with this factor in mind, and utilizes the increasing market penetration of smartphones and tablets. MobiBet bridges online, retail, and mobile betting by providing multiple gaming feeds through a fully-fledged betting mobile application with the use of dedicated Wi-Fi hotspots in each retail point. Wi-Fi ‘SmartSpots’ are created in retail points from which all smart devices entering the shops access the live streaming of gaming content.

Players are granted access to the free Wi-Fi network within and throughout the specific range around the point of sale. A custom mobile application is created on behalf of the operator, which delivers live streaming of content, odds and statistics. The application is fully integrated with existing web services of the operator such as e-wallet accounts that customers have registered for and use for making deposits and or withdrawing winnings.

The mobile application is available for iOS and Android devices and is implemented as a native application. If deemed necessary, mobile tablets can be strategically deployed in selected points of sale which will be used by customers as ‘quick-bet’ and digital signage devices when bets are not being taken.

With Mobibet, Vermantia aims to expand the existing sales channel of international operators, drive traffic and increase gaming revenues of each point of sale by offering impulse gaming through an enhanced mobile betting experience for the punter.

Vermantia, is a company specializing in management of audiovisual content in the new digital era. Responsible for providing strategic planning 360º services as well as interactive TV applications. Having as a vehicle, its experienced staff and its technological superiority,the company reported steady growth trajectory, with collaborations both in Greece and abroad.

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