Liolios, Margaris, Virvidakis the new consultants at Natech

Natech, a greek fintech with a strong background in financial services, technology and innovation, incorporated three new members into its advisory committee. Specifically, the company manufactures a banking software, providing a range of solutions to its customers through the use of IT.

It cooperates with several internal and external collaborative banks of small size, while offering its services to payment systems of other groups that operate in related areas and need a corresponding software.

In order to shape a long-term growth path, the company has included in its consulting staff three specialized executives, among which Nektarios Liolios, co-founder of The future Farm, a veteran in the field of fintech, an expert in corporate technology, with decades of experience, having worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses in the early stages, as well as with innovative teams at corporate level.

Another partner added to the team is Nondas Virvidakis, who has more than 15 years of work in data management and analysis, mainly in financial services, continuing afterwards in the startup field. He also served at ActionIQ, a SaaS martech, as vice president. At the same time, he participates in the advisory group of GreekTech, an NGO that supports emerging startups in Greece.

Finally, Spiros Margaris, VC investor, board member and senior advisor to various fintech, insuretch and other companies related to cybersecurity, healthcare and artificial intelligence, joined Natech’s team. It is noted that two of the companies he has advised became unicorns, while he counts many distinctions in blockchain, Al and global fintech categories in relation to the influence he exerts as an influencer.

By adding new partners to its advisory committee, the company is expected to increase its competitive advantage, by enhancing its management and evolutionary potential.

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