Campaigneurs: New Platform to Facilitate Access to Corporate Funding for Charities

Campaigneurs a new online platform that matchmakes businesses to charities launched on Friday.

The service aims at helping charities and nonprofits worldwide develop partnerships with responsible business partners. It suits their online profile description and helps reduce unnecessary time and costs spent by charities looking for corporate funding.

The online platform was created by CEO Janet Alexandersson in response to lack of financial funding towards humanitarian aid in the Middle East.

This year I saw a news report about a hospital in Syria being forced to close due to lack of financial funding. That is why I created Campaigneurs, to place charities in direct contact with businesses willing to fill that financial gap. Businesses get to support their communities and fulfill their corporate social responsibility and charities gain a financial shortcut, a win-win situation for all“, she says in a press release.

Instead of raising funds to aid charities directly, Campaigneurs appeals to businesses to contact and support charities by contributing time, services and money to those that best suit them.

The platform is giving away premium access which includes one year membership and online support for the first 50 signups.

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