EDPR: Investments and new jobs with its first wind farm in Greece

EDP Renewables, the fourth largest company in the renewable energy sector in the world, inaugurated its first project in Greece, a wind farm with an installed capacity of 45MW in the area of Livadi, near Malesina, in the Region of Central Greece. 

This project is expected to lead to savings of around 48,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year. At the same time, the energy generated through the wind farm will be able to supply more than 28,000 households.

The operation of this wind farm by EDPR reflects the company’s commitment to the local economy and life, through the creation of new, long-term jobs. Τhe company will continue to support actions throughout the lifetime of the wind farm and activities aimed at resolving environmental issues, as well as further strengthening local communities.

“The Livadi Wind Farm is an important project for our company, as it is the first project to be put into operation in the country.Greece is undoubtedly an important market for us, due to its commitment to the development of RES, and we plan to continue to look for opportunities that will strengthen our leading position in the renewable energy sector, while playing an active role in the country’s energy transition.”, stated Miguel Stilwell d’Andrade, CEO of EDP and EDP Renewables, during the inauguration event, which was attended by institutional bodies, SME representatives, employees and partners of the company. 

EDPR Greece aims to double its capacity by 2025, reaching approximately 500MW of installed capacity, while it plans to implement investments that will exceed 500 million euros. euro, without taking into account the development costs of the project. 

“We are very pleased for the inauguration of our first wind farm in the country. We have come a long way to achieve this goal and I am grateful for our team, that with their know-how, hard work and dedication gave life to this project, our partners for their help throughout our journey and, of course, the local community that has supported the Livadi Wind Farm from the beginning.”, said Damian Rodriguez Prado, General Managerof EDPR Greece.

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