CreatorUp: Raises 5 million dollars in funding led by New Markets Venture Partners

With the launch of its digital video creation marketplace and network of creators, CreatorUp announced a new 5 million dollars funding round.

New Markets Venture Partners, specializing in investments in innovative technology companies with rapid growth, led the investment round in which existing investors Metavallon VC, LearnStart /LearnCapital and Achieve Partners also participated.

The funding round will be allocated to the further development of CreatorUp’s platform that helps companies and organizations, large or small, to effectively and quickly meet their growing needs to create high-quality videos, live-streams and virtual reality content.

CreatorUp has maintained its European base in Greece since 2019 and its team in Athens is engaged in both software and creative content development, as well as customer sales and management in Europe and the Middle East. 

CreatorUp has developed an innovative video platform where customers can browse, select and purchase instant and easy video production services. Then, the platform allows the composition of groups of certified businessmen in order to guarantee quality results according to the needs of each project. Throughout the whole process, by taking advantage of CreateTrack, customers are given a simple and transparent way to monitor the production of videos. The platform offers over 400 video services, including live-action, animation, live-streaming and 360VR, as well as solutions for training, marketing, corporate communication, events, actions with social impact and more.

“We’re excited to have New Markets Venture Partners with us to help our service turn the tide of the market so that everyone can unlock the power of video content,” said CreatorUp CEO and co-founder Mike Tringe.

New Markets believes in the “creators’ economy”. We believe that CreatorUp has created a unique platform to produce high-quality video content globally for any company or organization that wants to increase the use of video, live-streaming and virtual reality, especially for leading education and training organizations,” said Jason Palmer, Partner of New Markets Venture Partners.

“We are excited to provide our expertise and cooperate with CreatorUp to remove the barriers of video production, saving customers time, money and difficulties, even achieving this with a system that promotes education, training, and high-quality work opportunities. CreatorUp’s platform helps develop and expand the portfolios of creative professionals worldwide,” Palmer added.

“This round of investment in CreatorUp is a confirmation of the strong growth momentum of the company. Its platform makes video creation easy for their clients, while providing exciting new opportunities for creative professionals to expand their skills, expand their networks and engage in new projects in the field of work they love,” said Alexandra Bili Partner of Metavallon. “We look forward to continuing to collaborate with the CreatorUp team and further contribute to expanding their presence and impact!”

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