Bosch invests 3 mln. euros in the University of Amsterdam for R&D in A.I.

Bosch and the University of Amsterdam will cooperate closely in the field of artificial intelligence and deep learning in particular. To this end, the two partners have announced a research alliance in Amsterdam. The alliance, known as Delta Lab (“Deep Learning Technologies Amsterdam”), aims to promote regular professional exchange and knowledge transfer.

Over the next four years, Bosch will invest a total of 3 million euros, in order to support the research of ten PhD students and postdoctoral fellows at the University of Amsterdam.

These scientists will cooperate with researchers from the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence at the Renningen research campus. In return, Bosch will send associates to work on joint scientific projects at the University of Amsterdam. “Industrial basic research in the field of artificial intelligence benefits from close contact with academic institutions,” says Dr. Michael Bolle, head of research and advance engineering at Bosch. “I’m very much looking forward to working with Professor Max Welling and his team from the University of Amsterdam. Worldwide, he is one of the leading names in the field of deep learning.”

The model for deep learning is the human brain itself with its neural networks. In the research projects, the PhD students will develop mathematical models and algorithms that enable machines to learn from information and experience. In the process, they will be supplied with a large volume of data gathered by sensors and cameras. For instance, when the learning phase has been completed, an automated car will be able to understand the difference between a playing child and a ball rolling across the street and make the decision to brake.

In connection with connected manufacturing and smart assistance systems as well, deep learning is gaining increasing importance,” Max Welling says. “We hope the research findings from Delta Lab will result in applications and products in which Bosch is a global market leader.”

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