Curious IQ: Free technological education for vulnerable population groups

The non-profit organization Curious IQ is close to the start of the academic year and expands its education areas to: Data Analytics and Soft Skills plus basic Software Development.

The training modules are designed to provide digital skills to vulnerable population groups, such as refugees, adolescents and adults with reduced resources. The ultimate goal is more direct access to the labour market.

With a significant number of supporters and volunteers, Curious IQ made the start in 2020 with the first students expected to graduate in March 2022. Currently, 20 active students are enrolled.

 “We are very happy for the response of our effort but mainly for the change it will have in the lives of our fellow human beings.We convey our thanks to everyone and especially to the Doctors of the World who hosted us during the first period of our actions. We will soon have our own home, hoping to make a start for even more people.”, noted Marisa Fotiou, Founder of Curious IQ.

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