Amazon Web Services: Official supporter of Elevate Greece

Amazon Web Services (AWS) wants to actively participate in the country’s digital transformation process following the significant steps being taken in this direction by both the private sector and the Greek government. “Every investment that creates opportunities for more innovation puts a stone in the “building” of a modern, digital Greece that makes the most of the potential of technology”, stressed Marina Stavrakantonaki, Public Policy Manager, Greece and Cyprus, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“It is very encouraging to see that significant steps are being taken in this direction, both by the private sector and by the Greek government”, she notes and reveals the participation of AWS as the Official Supporter of Elevate Greece.”We are particularly excited about our participation as an Official Supporter in such an important initiative as Elevate Greece”, said Mrs Stavrakantonaki and announced that “as the Official Supporter of Elevate Greece, AWS will support its member Startups by providing them with access to services and resources that will allow them to innovate and grow faster.

Through the AWS Activate program, it will offer credits to cover the costs of using AWS services, technical support and training. It will also provide them with access to an exclusive online space, Startup Loft, where founders and developers will be able to attend business and technical sessions, workshops and other discussions, as well as receive free guidance from technical and business experts.B2B companies will also be able to leverage the AWS Partner Network of partners, while accessing credits, marketing tools and technical assessments. In addition, new programs will be created to support them, such as meetings with specialized Solutions Architects or access to machine learning, big data analysis and security certifications.”

“The opportunities for innovation presented are numerous”, underlined Marina Stavrakantonaki.

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